OnStage will provide a venue to show completed EM Community works and events to online viewers. Through OnStage we hope to develop audiences to show your works. We provide the venue - you provide the work. 

And there is so much more coming – this is just the beginning. 

We envision 24 hour programming with some the most anointed, prophetic and revelatory seminars, music concerts and teachings. Stay posted to our events page and come and participate in these events with us. 

It is time that the 
Body of Messiah unite!  
This is a CALL!

Rise up and appropriate with us in the media industry for we have been called for such a day as this. 

In trying to keep with fundamental, unchangeable aspects of the faith as well as provide a platform, please pray for us. support us, join us! 

We are all called to be a witness to the nations and a light in darkness. If we continue to keep contending with one another over milk, how can our Father give us meat. If we continue to contend over little differences rather than find ways to unite we will continue to be a reproach. 

But WHEN we UNITE there is nothing the Father will not do for us because we ask according to His will. We are speaking this unity into existence. Please rally with us! What good is a light that is hid, or salt that has lost its savor. 

Put your light up so the whole house can see, let your light so shine that the world might see!

Troy Leblanc
Elyon Media

​We Are In This Together
It is time. . .
When the evening lineup of television programming provides us with a healthy dose of viewing what TRULY reflects our Scripture-centered values.

It is time. . .
When more movie nights include watching an entertaining action-packed production that is not afraid to showcase a positive Scriptural worldview.

It is time. . .
When driving to the movie theater to see a Faith-based film, means you have to arrive an hour early to get in the door.

It is time. . .
When faith-based filmmaking means quality productions and technology innovations with a global impact.

It is time…
Where artists of tomorrow can be mentored, equipped and empowered to follow their destiny given by Yahweh through the production of quality faith-based works in ALL fields of the arts.

It is time…
When local, regional and international charities have access to cost effective and high quality productions, allowing them to expand their outreach and fulfill their mission.


In obedience to Yeshua, The Messiah, and Biblical Scripture our mission is to be innovators in the media industry and be a part of establishing Christian Filmmaking and Music. To produce films and music that will have lasting impact on the cultural cornerstones of society, that matter for both time and eternity to the Glory of God.

We will accomplish this by providing resources, educating and empowering artists to fulfill the Great Commission and their destiny through our Studio and Academy Vision. To invest into the Kingdom of God and His people so that Kingdom work will be abundantly supported.


• ELYON MEDIA ACADEMY: To establish a faith-based independent film academy and production studio that raises the standard of excellence in media production by providing a platform for education, practical hands-on application and resources that empower those in Messiah to effectively change culture.

• LIONSHARE: To provide for members an online portal and forum as a resource for the discovery, development, continued education and expert counsel for new and seasoned independent artists.

• To provide tools, resources and opportunities to individuals and organizations through a standard of business ethics that is Scriptural based.

• To seek world changers within the faith-filled media industry that have a Scriptural worldview and to foster relationships that build equity. Through our Alumni Endeavor, we follow the artist’s progress and career.

• To provide an online pool of Anointed talent for the film and media industry.

• STUDIO: To make available media services, resources, tools, consultation and assistance to other nonprofits and charitable organizations in an effort to elevate and impact their efforts locally, regionally and globally.

• To provide investors a resource of possible ready-for-production film projects.

• To communicate and teach the Hebraic roots of faith in obedience to the Scripture and the testimony of Yeshua Messiah.

• A ministry which will one day build bridges between every conceivable cultural cornerstone: Government – Business - Community - Church - Arts – Education.

For we know that by the works of our hand a workman need not be ashamed. If your company or non profit has visual or marketing needs please consider Elyon Media as your resource to support our ministry. Please visit the rest of our website to view our list of our services.


Thank you for your time and consideration of Elyon Media. Your participation is vital to our success. We are in the process of developing Lionshare and the Elyon Media Academy. These are great visions that require great resources. Our number one resource will be your prayers. Second, we request your counsel and advice. It is our goal to have generational impact by faith in Yahweh's Word and the vision He has given us for the Believing Film and Music Industry in an effort to see souls and culture changed.  

All material must be approved by Elyon Media and be in accordance with our statement of faith, quality of production and content. Please submit works in a timely manner in reference to launch dates. We cannot guarantee that all works will meet your deadlines if not submitted in enough time for our staff to review, upload and test on the web.

Some programming will include educational and informational shows that may not have a faith element in the production, but is none the less wholesome programming. All programs will, however, be members of the EM Network. If you would like to see more of a particular network member please write us and let us know:

Elyon Media does not subscribe to all content that is disclosed in these works. Our staff is working diligently, prayerfully and with much fasting to present works that will help encourage a believer's faith. These speakers, musicians, and events we feel will have that impact no matter the background you are coming from.

What is most important, do not take anything posted here as fact - 
EM Records 


EM Records, a faith-based indie record label, is being established. We already have several indie artists lined up for the Grand Opening Summer 2016. 

Our goal is to provide a global platform for upcoming artists to share their worship with the world. 

We will be assisting artists in the business side of the industry, providing services like album art and photo portfolios, music videos, website and graphic design, product development and merchandise sales, and this is really cool, each artist will get a personal page here on the site absolutely FREE!

Here is a glimpse of the project with one of our first artists....

Elijah Seth Zehring