LionShare is an online educational, counseling and mentoring resource. A social media network focused on providing a venue for faith-based filmmaking and the arts.

As a believing filmmaker or musician, you seek to hone your craft for the glory of Yahweh. This requires education, tutorials, research, product reviews, legal forms, connecting with your social network of like minded associates, prayer partners, mentors, investors, studios, crews and talent. This takes a lot of valuable time searching for that information online. Wouldn’t you agree?

Imagine one place where you can find all of that and MORE can be found. Our umbrella covers education, social media, and networking. 
How hard it is now and easy it will be:

Users can create profiles, add photos, upload approved demo reels and exhibit works, chat with peers, join interest groups, forums, connect with experts in all fields of filmmaking and have opportunity to submit articles for the education and encouragement of the Lionshare community. 

A central location for training, tutorials videos, articles, product reviews and tech tips.

Online forums to collaborate and get counsel from Peers, Experts, and Professionals.

Members will access to a myriad of downloads that can help facilitate their projects (i.e. copyright documents, non disclosure agreements, actor’s release forms, location agreements, and much more!) and get counsel through processes.

A link with EM Resident Experts as a resource to support the success of your Film Project. 

Registration for Elyon Media Academy’s Filmmaking: Essential Keys and the 10 Key Labs.

A nexus of online events such as contests, film festivals, screenings, panels, online workshops and Online Filmmaking Expositions highlighting members innovations and techniques that will advance our film culture. 

Highlighting our member’s creative and inspired works through multiple Elyon Media venues, Monthly Featured Artists, print publications, and social events.

The Alumni Endeavor AE 
Monthly Newsletter bridging connections between the Elyon Media Academy and its Alumni.

OnStage will provide a venue to show completed EM Community works and events to online viewers. Through OnStage we hope to develop audiences to show your works. 
We provide the venue - you provide the work. 

And there is so much more coming – this is just the beginning. 

Another great feature of Lionshare is Advent, our explosive networking tool where members can connect and initiate new projects within the EM community. Our goal is to provide a creative environment in which to develop new works and relationships. 

OnStage is a component of Advent and Elyon Media Academy online. It will provide a venue to show completed EM Community works to online viewers. Through OnStage we hope to develop new audiences to show your works. 

Advent is a home where you will find one-on-one legal and production counsel regarding specific film industry questions through resident EM Experts.

It is also a fulcrum for investors and studios looking for Scriptural worldview projects, providing access to a talented member base for screenplays, crews, and casting.

Learn about job opportunities and internships at Elyon Media. Like the body of Believers, we need more than just filmmakers. We need individuals skilled in research development, marketing, webmaster, computer science and software development, production and resident expert. We at Elyon Media envision the Body of Messiah being the avant-garde in the filmmaking and technology industries. We’re looking for innovators to join us. Are skilled in your craft, looking to develop your talent in an exciting ministry? Current intern opportunities are available. If you are interested in applying to qualify, please contacts us.
EM Records 


EM Records, a faith-based indie record label, is being established. We already have several indie artists lined up for the Grand Opening Summer 2016. 

Our goal is to provide a global platform for upcoming artists to share their worship with the world. 

We will be assisting artists in the business side of the industry, providing services like album art and photo portfolios, music videos, website and graphic design, product development and merchandise sales, and this is really cool, each artist will get a personal page here on the site absolutely FREE!

Here is a glimpse of the project with one of our first artists....

Elijah Seth Zehring