Web Basics and Web Site Development

Our team is committed to seeing your vision realized not only online but making sure your clients understand and can relate to your vision by ensuring their user expereince is profit driven. 

From concept to completion, our team will work with you to present your best to your online audience and create a user expereince that will increase your visibility on the web. 

Cost for website = Site theme design + Page design (Domain Name, Site Theme Design and Layout, Function of and Navigation of site, Hosting, and monthly Maintenance.)

Online Marketing Strategy = ​Site Copy Analysis + Basic Search Engine Optimization/Advanced SEO.

The site theme is what is visible on every page of a website.  It includes the design, layout and the site navigation, which are all consistent throughout the site. Please note that the offers listed below do not apply for full Flash web sites.  These can only be priced on an individual basis. Please keep in mind that these are rough price estimates and depending on the complexity of the site, the completion time may have to be extended.  We can accommodate sites in all languages of coding, i.e., HTML 5, Java Script, PHP, Word Press and Custom Blogs. Request a free quote for your custom project!

Classic Theme / Custom Blog:  

An affordable website for any small business. Text links, navigation, can be enhanced graphically (buttons menu). Please inquire about add-ons (Video/Audio/Photography, etc.) and 3D Animations.

Enhanced Theme:  

A fairly complex website, either because of the navigation menu or the graphic complexity; or a more unusual website layout.  Please inquire about add-ons (Video/Audio/Photography, etc.) and 3D Animations.  This affords the greatest level of creativity and fully customized.

Corporate Data Base or Content Management System (CMS): 

Consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. Electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. 


Consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. Electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. 

Call for a FREE CONSULTATION:   210.473.5182


New Service - MOBILE APP DESIGN is now available. Turn your desktop website into a mobile app! One Design custom fitted for all mobile phones. This is a great way to get your project or information, literally, into the hands of your target demographic. 

Call for a FREE CONSULTATION:   210.473.5182​

Also 3D animations used to create dynamic content, media (such as sound and video), and interactive content over the web via the browser.  We can accommodate compatibility with all mobile devices. 

We do require that clients have all their content, text, visual media prepared before we start the project.   This ensures we meet our projected turnaround time.

Web Basics and Web Site Development

To get your business on the web, you need the following:
  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Web Site
  • Site Promotion / Search Engine Optimization

Domain Name

A domain name or URL is the address where your web site will be located on the web. (For example, is Elyon Media's domain name, URL AND web site address.) You can select any available domain name and choose from a variety of extensions, including .com, .net, .org, etc.  The selection of a domain name is a major consideration.  While a good domain for your web site name won't guarantee success, it can have a positive (or negative) impact on almost every aspect of online business.  A "good" web site domain is one that is easy to remember and minimizes confusion.  If you are acquiring a name for your web site that has the potential to cause confusion (non-hyphenated and hyphenated variations, or words that are phonetically similar and commonly misspelled), we recommend that you obtain the most logical version.  Elyon Media provides the service of domain name consulting and registration with all our web site design packages.

Web Site Hosting

To be accessible on the web, you need web space on a server.  Your site needs a place for the information to be stored - just like the hard disk of your computer.  The service of providing that space is called “hosting” and the company that provides web hosting services (including storage and connectivity) is called a “web host.”   The most important factors to consider when searching for a web host and a web hosting plan are reliability and support.  Sunfish Design offers reliable hosting at extremely competitive rates.  Web site hosting services are available separately or as part of our complete web packages.

Web Site

This one is somewhat obvious. The information that is viewable from your domain name - by anyone with an Internet connection - is your web site.  Most web sites are created by a web developer who uses HTML (hypertext markup language) coding/programming and a variety of other software packages.  Your web site should be designed as an accurate extension of your business, and should be intuitive, informative, visual and easy for visitors to use. 

Elyon Media provides stylish web site design and development services with all features and great functionality.

Site Promotion / Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (often referred to as S.E.O.) helps consumers find your web site. With tens of millions of web sites now live, search engines generate results via keywords assigned to each site, among other various aspects of the site.  Our search engine promotion services include working with you to determine your target market and the best keywords for your business, then optimize the pages of your site to ensure the search engine will include your site in its results pages.  After the keywords are assigned, we hand-submit your site to all the major search engines. 

The Website Design Process

Our process is to provide you with a web design mockup of the layout (including navigation/ buttons) online -- what we call the "test site".  The look and feel of the website design is based on our conversations, your brand, industry and demographics.  We discuss the design and proceed with changes you may wish to make, including colors, fonts, graphics and imagery. We plan, refine and finalize the website's top-level and sub-navigation (drop-downs), and move forward with the website programming.

Design Approval and Delivery Process

The initial web design comps are created for the top two levels including the website's home page and one inside page.  After design approval, we build out the remaining web pages and implement any forms and/or databases according to the agreed upon scope.

Cross-Browser & Platform Testing

The website will be tested and will work optimally on Internet Explorer, AOL, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, PC and MAC and be setup to work on the standard resolution page design. 


After your website is complete, we can do ongoing maintenance on your web site on an hourly basis or set up a monthly maintenance contract. 

Why Elyon Media?

•In addition to having worked within a wide variety of industry portfolios, we understand the designs that resonate well with particular audiences (as well as what doesn't work).  We do not create art for art's sake. We create graphics that support business objectives and achieve the goals set out by company management.

•Unlike larger firms that are hard to get a hold of, we offer personalized attention, intense focus, and a sincere desire to satisfy. The lack of a large overhead allows us to offer affordable services.

• It is our goal to establish long-term, successful and friendly relationships with all of our clients – with no exception.

•Our client base continues to grow through strong word of mouth and strength of portfolio, but we are careful to accept only those projects where our talents can serve the best interests of the client and are in alignment with our future goals.

•Provided the scope does not change, we stick to the original agreed-upon budget. This is one reason our business continues to grow, and our clients engage us for ongoing work and maintenance.

•We enjoy collaboration with our clients – and getting it exactly right is our goal. See our affiliates page for samples of our designs and testimonies.

Website SEO and Internet Marketing 

A web site is of no value if it is not seen. You can publish your web address on your business cards, brochures, and letterhead, but your potential is unlimited when you market yourself properly on the World Wide Web.  We can help you by formulating and implementing a step by step plan for getting more out of your web presence, driving more traffic to your website, and ultimately converting those website visitors into customers. 

Step 1.  Evaluate your current website and your competition

Step 2.  Develop and implement a strategic marketing plan

Step 3.  Analyze your website traffic and make modifications to stay ahead



Your site is only as good as its design and navigation. If your site is not easy to navigate, you have links that are not functioning or go to pages "under construction," your visitors will go somewhere else. Our goal is for your visitors to easily and logically travel throughout your website, and get to where they want to go in the fewest number of clicks. 


Whatever it is that makes you unique or superior to your competition should be evident by looking at your website.  Do you fill a certain niche?  Do you focus on one area? Is your strength in being able to offer a wide range of services?  Your services should be easily identifiable, and the message should be carried through the web site.


The more information you provide, the more valuable your website will be to your visitors. Information can be in the form of text, photographs, diagrams, articles, tables, and images. It should be presented in a clear, organized fashion, and should be consistent with the image you wish to portray.


Offering your visitors a reason to return to your site will increase the likelihood that they become customers - since each visit is an opportunity to convince them of your capability. Web features that can enhance the user's experience include frequent updates and additions, newsletters, blogs, guestbooks, message boards, ecommerce, polls, glossaries, special offers and news articles.


It is obvious how to contact your office for a quote or appointment? If the visitor wants to contact you to ask a question or schedule a meeting, he or she should not have to search to find your contact information.  If you offer a free consultation, that should be apparent as well. Once you receive an inquiry, the response should be quick, accurate, and polite.

Search Engine Friendliness and Optimization

Different methods of constructing and laying out a web site may make it easier for the search engines to find you.  For instance, a "splash" page in which your opening page consists solely of a flash introduction will hurt you in the search engines. There are hundreds of ways to increase your search engine friendliness and optimize your placement.


From the thorough web business analysis described above, we will create a complete plan for search engine and marketing improvements, a timeline and a fee estimate.  Because people find information on the internet in a variety of ways such as clicking from another site, a specialized directory, articles, search engines, or banner ads, it is important to make your site visible through as many avenues as possible.  Your plan will be researched and executed deliberately, with a reasonable budget relative to your goals. We will create a plan to include:

Website Promotion Through Search Engines Keyword Analysis

We will research the keywords and phrases that are most applicable to your practice and most likely to get you noticed in the search engines. 

Analysis of ''competitor" sites

In order to get you high rankings, we need to know where your competition ranks and what tactics they are employing to maintain that position.  Then we'll know how best to approach your website marketing plan to give you the best chance for the highest rankings.

Copy writing to incorporate keywords

A large part of search engine optimization involves the incorporation of useful content that is relevant to your area of expertise.  Effective use and placement of designated keywords in the right location, density, and formatting within that text will increase your chances of higher search engine results.

Optimization for search engines

Not only does the layout and design of the page and the programming code, graphics, audio, and video have to be "search engine friendly", but metatags, keyword density, image tags, and overall content and structure of the website.

  • Search engine submission
  • Submission to search engines including google, yahoo, aol, msn, ask jeeves, etc.
  • Link building campaign
  • Increase your search engine rankings and click-throughs from related sites.
  • Website Promotion Through Other Means

Listings in online directories - analysis of the best placements paid inclusion: pay an annual fee per website page to be listed in a directory online advertising: paid text or banner advertisements on other websites pay per click advertising: cost based on market rate per keyword, plus start up costs newsletters:  Use your email lists to bring visitors back to your website press release writing and submission: interface with online press release services.


Statistics Tools 

Install password protected web analytics tool used to analyze traffic

Analyze Traffic

Provide reports of traffic - including number of visitors, page views, top search engines, keywords, referrers.

Website Hosting

To be accessible on the web, you need web space on a server. Your website needs a place for the information to be stored - just like the hard disk of your computer. The service of providing that space is called “hosting” and the company that provides that for you (including storage and connectivity) is your “web host". 

The most important factors to consider when searching for a web host and a web hosting plan are reliability and support.